Q: Can I see your facial photo?

A: Sorry, I can not share  my full facial photo with anyone. If you would like to see my gallery, I can share the password after screening. 


Q: I am nervous because I haven't met girls like you ..

A: Do not worry, I am very friendly! I will take you to fantastic adventure!


Q: Can I take you to free lunch/dinner to get to know each other?

A: I am afraid the donation is for my time and companion ship, so even if it is only social date, a donation is required. (¥30,000/2hrs)

Q: Do you provide service for two men?

A: Yes I do. For bisexual and non bisexual, both are acceptable. I require information from both of you.


Q: How can I give you the donation?

A: The best is that put it in an envelope and place the envelope somewhere  I can see clearly (on a desk or shelf) when I come into your room.